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chapel lake ,adirondacks 20" 80'chapel lake ,adirondacks 20" 80'

pines mt marcy adirondack region watercolor 1,200available mixed media 34"x28" $900.Adirondack Dyptichchapel lake ,adirondacks 20" 80'Cascade Lake adkadirndacksun and pineswinter trees painting original watercolor painting 22"30'ADK SummerSummer Forest Edge original watercolor painting 22"30' catskill mountains byrdcliffe Woodstock 2,000Summer Field Adk $1,200mountain meadow 22" 30 "miwed pastel wateroil color on paper 2,200original acrylic pastel 34"44" $3,800 moon mountain oilMountain Mist original watercolor pastel colorado mountains $3,000 available mixed media 34"x28" $900.adirodack lake off adirondack lodgelake placid ,lodge road viewAdirondack Forest Spring original pastel watercolor 40"60" 3,000story about long panoramaspainted on location in the Adirondack mountains the 24' one over a 8 year period on lodge rd during a number oWinter Light original watercolor painting 22"30'Trail Sun Adirondack Mountains original watercolor 22x30" 1,200Summer Rainoriginal pastel watercolor 22"30" path to youwinter  hill trees painting original watercolor painting 22"30'Nature Path Summer original watercolor painting smoky mountain park 26X30"