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The illustrations on this page are part of a body of work created for clients like NY Times,Time magazine,Olympics,World cup soccer,NBC,ABC,CBS football ,Harper Colins,The work was primarily acrylic drawing in light luminous layers they were influenced by contemporary American artists in the 80's like Deibenkorn,Arthur Dove,Fairfield Porter,Turner,and many French Impressionists like Bonnard,Monet ,Renoir
original watercolor painting 22"30'skier and gate Winter Olympicsskier downhill racerOlympics winter skier Phil Mahre NY Times  $1,200starting gate skier original watercolor painting 22"30'Eric Hyden lake placid Olympics $1,200skier original watercolor painting 22"30' $1,200backpacker magazine $1,000original watercolor painting 22"30'  $800.original watercolor painting 22"30'original watercolor painting 22"30' New Hampshire magazineoriginal watercolor painting 22"30'"Skiing" winter sports 22"x30" water color pastel wax oil drawing"Skiing" winter sports 22"x30" water color pastel wax oil drawing

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