The artwork designed for my projects often include original works of art ,mixed media work,and gicle graphics and murals.
The artwork is photographed then brought into photoshop I have hand printed my own editions of my art in lithography silkscreen and etching.When I use my large format printer I approach printmaking the same way.I choose a medium of highest quality and one that will take on a mixed media process that includes pastels, acrylic glaze and museum grade coatings. The techniques allow both luminosity of color and texture,so the color and surface resonate and adjust to the changing light. A collection of paintings are chosen then consistently printed and embellished. With fine art paper the texture of the surface takes on dry pastels then coatings of acrylic are put over the drawing. After the layers of color are applied a finished coating is then applied to protect the art from fading and to sharpen it.
The at is then shipped rolled or flat after dried. Atlantic city artsgaragemuralsKuzma DisplayLatestCommercial Sample Displayfolder of gugenheim-photosArt of Kuzma _ healing arts projects,_files